Bioactive substances

Extraction of bioactive compounds from forest biomass

HCT-Agrifood Lab carried out an experimental study about the solvent-free extraction in aqueous solution of potent antioxidant compounds from silver fir needles (Abies Alba Mill.).
The obtained product, starting from a very low concentration of active raw material, showed higher antioxidant activity than Vitamins C and E. 

The aqueous solutions endowed with very high nutraceutical value, could be used as such, as additives to fortify other beverages, for lipid food preservation, and as crop growth stimulator.

Furthermore, experiments on hydrodynamic cavitation extraction from numerous species and varieties of medicinal and medicinal plants have been carried out.

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Albanian, L., Bonetti, A., D’Acqui, L. P., Meneguzzo, F., & Zabini, F. (2019). Affordable Production of Antioxidant Aqueous Solutions by Hydrodynamic Cavitation Processing of Silver Fir (Abies Alba Mill.) Needles. Foods, 8 (2), 65.